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Our Process

Once we receive your order and details pertaining to your vehicle we can begin to process a remanufactured computer for you. Using our database we are able to find the right part for you based on the VIN. Once the part is identified we will run through all circuitry of the unit in our state of the art repair facility. We will be repairing all known issues relating to that specific part along with any damages found. Once the repair is performed, the unit is sent to our programming department to be tested and calibrated. Once the part passes preliminary testing and calibration, it is then tested on an actual standalone motor to confirm functionality. We DO NOT only test on a bench. Through our years of research, using actual motors running at operating temperature ensure the highest level of quality assurance. Once the part passes final testing it is tagged and assigned to your order where it is sent back to our programming department for VIN entry and key codes. We then resurface the unit and clean any debris and/or corrosion from the unit. The part is then ready to be packed and shipped to you. We know the importance of having your vehicle back in drivable condition and have implemented strategies to prevent unnecessary downtime for you and your family. If at any time our engineers feel the part is not 100% capable of withstanding fully operational condition, a new part will begin the process all over. This entire process takes approx. 24-48 hour.

Module Repair Process:

  • Analyze the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) and reported symptoms associated with the module.
  • Complete external inspection of module.
  • Internal Component Evaluation (ICE). Repair damage and address any Manufacturer Technical Service Bulletins (TSB).
  • Performance and component test.
  • Update programming on module.
  • Retest module.
  • Carefully package and ship tested and warranted module.